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The swashbuckling sailor

Fearless warrior and master of the seven seas, Sinbad embarks on voyages to satisfy his craving for thrills and adventures that will take him to the ends of the world. Along with his crew, Sinbad sets sail in his ship, Nomad, in search of hidden treasures and the many yet undiscovered islands and places that hold magic and mysteries of their own.

But Sinbad and his crew are not the only forces that govern the seven seas!

With his extraordinary strength, wit, and most of all courage, Sinbad must lead his crew to conquer the obstacles that come their way. From the forces of Mother Nature to the threats of the enchanted places and the evil Shaman’s curses and spells, Sinbad’s voyage is filled with action and excitement.



With an army of ghouls under him

Going all out to stop Sinbad and his crew is the evil Shaman. With an army of ghouls under his command, the Shaman is set to defeat Sinbad by throwing him into the spirit world.

He uses magic spells to curse the things and places that Sinbad passes by during his voyage in hopes of condemning Sinbad and his crew.

Evil Shaman